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True human connection is achieved through deep, meaningful storytelling…

Hey you, welcome to Melbee Academy. I want you to know that I deeply care about your story(s) and voice, and I created this platform to help you get it out into the world. Every resource you find through this brand was cultivated with passion, love, and care to help you grow as a writer.

I hope that this platform will act as a supplement to anything you might be missing from your college creative writing program, or that it will become your sole creative writing education if you’ve decided to skip the college bit and write your heart out regardless.

Whether you’ve been to college or not, everyone has a unique journey toward succeeding as a writer, and there’s no set recipe for making it. If I could do it all again, I might have skipped the creative writing degree and spent more time learning to believe in myself.

The point? You can do anything you set your mind to doing. You are the secret sauce. Your success depends entirely on you. If your goal is to grow into a successful writer (or get better at it), you can do that with unadulterated passion, determination, and consistency. If no one else believes in you, please remember that I do. I can’t wait to read what you write. Good luck!

Melbee Academy | The Creator

About Mel Beasley

Mel grew up in Virginia with 6 other siblings, an excentric mother, and a sardonic, writerly father. As an avid reader and writer, he got his GED and pushed forward to get his creative writing degree at the University of North Carolina  at Wilmington.

“Throughout my entire life, I often felt my voice being stifled by fear of what others would think about my authentic self. Writing powerful fiction stories became my release as I worked out  problems vicariously through the characters in my short films and stories.”


Mel Beasley | Melbee Academy
Mel Beasley | Melbee Academy

During his time in college, he quickly realized that their wasn’t a solid, single resource where students could go learn everything they needed to know about both essay writing, creative writing, and English grammar principles. This sparked Mel’s idea to create Melbee Academy, to provide the ultimate writing resource to anyone looking to improve writing.

Additionally, Mel wanted a place to teach serious writers how to better market themselves online and how to sell more books using the same methods he’s used for the last 8 years in marketing to sell other kinds of products.  

“The point is that we need more writers, more literature, and more poeple to read. If we don’t have this full circle, it all dies together. Melbee Academy is me trying to create that full circle so that the written word can keep living on forever.”

Mel prefers to write fiction above all. He’s written and produced several short film projects that have played in multiple film festivals both in Virginia and North Carolina.